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What is this part Stealer left in cargo area?

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Hello guys - new here - long time BMW owner, have an E28 M5 and a 07 E61 manual that I have spent the entire weekend bailing water out of the battery tray cargo well etc and unclogging sunroof drains (will post some vids/pictures). Anyway - I did have it in dealer (CPO but my warranty seems to cover nothing) and when I returned after declining all of their over-priced estimate, I found a part in my (messy) cargo area. Not sure if it is from my car or not, never seen it before. Anyone have a clue (the black beam with the cross-bracing)?
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Looks like it is PN 5L47-6 953 352 if that helps
Lift up the cargo floor like you're headed for the spare tire. Then lift up the other chunk of floor forward of that. The mystery piece supports the thin floor material from underneath. Keeps your floor from collapsing when you load your wagon with 600+ pounds of bagged mulch. :)

Check the 'changing tires' section of your manual. It's on page 216 of the 2006 PDF I have handy.
Great thanks!
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