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Hey guys,

I currently have a 2012/13 335i.
It's already fitted with BMW's M Performance Power kit, exhaust, suspension and brake packages.
Now... what do I do next?

Power wise. I used to have an EvoIX that made crazy power and was extremely violent. I grew up and decided to upgrade to the BMW. However, I do miss some of the power. In saying that I don't want to go overboard, as I like the 'cruiser' mentality I have in this car. Cruising but having the power when I want it. When I had the Evo, my mentality was to just overtake everyone.
So in 'comfort' mode - I like the quietness and funnily enough - the comfort.
In 'sport' mode now. the exhaust opens up and I get the burbles and pops. I like this and want to accentuate it further.

I am thinking of getting a FMIC with increased airflow piping and replace the airbox/filters, along with a Stage 2 tune. Thoughts?

Exterior wise, I have the standard Sport Line kit with the black kidney grill. I was thinking of getting the M Motorsport body kit but then figured, if i'm gonna spend the money, I might as well get something more unique. Same goes with the bonnet.
NB: I do NOT want to make an M3!! so I would not like an M3 kit or bonnet.

Sorry for the long read.
Please let me know of your thoughts.


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