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So I ran across a vehicle that fit all the options I need Premium & Cold Weather (minus Driver Ass Pkg but most vehicles are ordered with them) plus the 19" wheels which are much nicer than the standard 18's.

Anyway, the car is a 2016 X-Drive 28i demo with 10,300 miles. MSRP is 46,645 and they're offering it for 39,985. This is around 15% off MSRP. Should I ask for 20% off? What would you guys offer for a vehicle like this one?

I'd be looking into leasing this - 24/36mo with 10k/year. I also have a fleet discount through my company but I will not be able to use it on demos, so I'm deciding which way to go - 2016 demo or new 2017.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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