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Sticky one.... After dpf codes where resolved a couple of weeks ago, it just started to use a lot of diesel when accelerating, gauge just goes to max ***x1f61e; First code I got was about the intake air temp, cleaned the egr checked for visual leaks, erased the code but the fuel consumption stays.
Now a second fault is vomming up: 290900, air to EGR mass flow???
These are the readings I got with INPA:
Engine speed: 785
Air mass: 29.10 kg/h
Air mass nominal valeu: 37.23 kg/h
Throttle valve opening angle: 4.81% Throttle valve opening angle setup valeu: 5%
Intake air temp: 20.36c
Charge air temp: 93.76c
Charging pressure: 1025,25 mbar
Charging pressure nominal valeu: 1027.97 mbar
When cruising the fuel consumption is normal, car runs and start good... any idea? Thanks for the tips!
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