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What to use on rubber bits like the insulation on the door frames?

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I have been using Back To Black. What do you guys use? Thanks.
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Ed328Ci said:
I have been using Back To Black. What do you guys use? Thanks.
Gummiphledge (sp?)
gummi-pfledge works great. :thumb:

get it through your BMW parts department. it's like chapstick for cars.

I just treated my car a few weeks ago. at the same time, I treated the dash and other plastic parts with 303 aerospace and treated teh cow with lexol cleaner and conditioner.
Wurth rubber conditioner from Carcareonline. BMW's Gummiphledge has silicone in it which will degrade your rubber over time.
hmm... good to know.
31st330I, does gummiphledge leave a high gloss or more of a matte finish?


it leaves a high gloss if you put too much on. I applied it using the built in applicator then followed up with paper towel to pick up the excess and to spread it more evenly. after that, the seals looked new (deeper black and matte versus glossy).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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