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what was the most powerful E30 from the factory (non-M)?

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I've been tossing around the idea picking up another E30 as a second car. I just want to pick one up that is as powerful as possible stock. which one is it?
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Ya, should be the late 325s.

There was an article in Roundel this month about modifying E30s. Looks like Dinan makes some good E30 stuff :p
31st330i said:

the intake manifold is the only part that looks interesting.
yea, 41hp! and 33lb/ft :yikes:
TD said:

IIRC, the B-pillar provides support on the E30 COUPES as well as sedans. See the pic.
The B pillar is functional in all BMW hard tops. E30 coupes had framed windows and didn't have folding rear seats (I think). I don't think that the coupes are weaker :dunno:
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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