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What would you do Alee: Drought Emergency In Pa.

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Just learned this from Autopia:

What would you do if it happens?? We are more worried about you when you can't wash your car for an extended period:yikes:
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alee said:

That's some wacky stuff. I guess it may work, but it sounds unusual. :D
For you Al, you can drive down to my sister's shop and use their water and could probably teach them a lot too!! (water restrictions don't apply to their business)
alee said:

By the time I drove back, I'd be back where I started. :D

My car can actually go for a while without a wash... been doing a regular quick detail at the end of every day. As long as it doesn't rain, I'm safe.

If it starts to rain, I may be taking SEPTA until the restriction is lifted. I know it's a little psycho... or... well, a lot psycho.
Yes it's a lot psycho!!! :rolleyes:

You wouldn't like it up here in Mass...F'n cold and lots of salt on the roads...I thought PA was bad with the salt...glad it's a rental car!!

There's nothing like a Buick Century Custom to make you appreciate your BMW :eek:
alee said:

I almost moved to Boston 3 years ago... the less than optimal weather stopped me. Kinda reminded me of living in Ithaca... for 3 months out of the year, it was the best place to be, and the rest was grey, cold and dead.
I don't think it could be nearly as bad in the snow catagory as Ithica...but it is grey and dreary...I really like the town of Boston though...great city to walk around...when it's not too cold.
alee said:

Are you downtown or in the burbs?
This time I am in the burbs...I'm at the Wyndham Plaza in Andover.
alee said:

That'll be me scratching at your window at 3:00am. I'd be bugging vexed, but he has a restraining order against me. :D
Ummmmm...I was lying...I'm at the Motel 6 in Lowell :yikes:
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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