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What would you do Alee: Drought Emergency In Pa.

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Just learned this from Autopia:

What would you do if it happens?? We are more worried about you when you can't wash your car for an extended period:yikes:
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I am in the bay area actually. Plenty of water still.
But next time I need some electricity I'll inquire for some good tips like that.

I think someone on Autopia has an reverse osmosis system installed and he store the filtered water in huge water tanks of some sort in his garage and use that for the final rinse after the wash to prevent water spots. Neat stuff.
Cool........ Alee brand bottled water. 100% compatible with Zaino.

Sell them to Phil and Mike:thumb:
About saving water; there has been talks about this product at Autopia:

The idea sounds scary but it seems quite popular with mobile detailers.

Just FYI.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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