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My window sticker says "Active Driving Assistant included". Is this similar to "Lane Keep Assist" with the steering wheel vibration if you are stepping out of your lane?

I'm not getting any warning when backing out on a busy parking lot. Do I need to have ACC in order to get intersection warning?

Also, does the car come with approach control warning (anti-collision) standard so it will stop or slow down the car for you if you are not paying attention and about to rear end the car in front?


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We don't have enough information to fully answer your question. No model/model option last 7 digits of your VIN to run a VIN decode to find out any of the aforementioned. Post the last 7 digits of your VIN and we can help you better. :)

Here's a link to the TIS website that give a functional description of the driver assistant system and the various options that are possible. At this moment...only you can answer some of the questions because again...we have no idea how your G32 is optioned:

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2018 640i GT. Last 7 of the VIN: BK06911. Thanks.
Your decoded VIN indicates that you have S5ASa which means you should have the options/features below. Didn't want to short change you in case you had the "PLUS" pkg which would include active cruise control (ACC) etc.: :)

S5ASa: Driving Assistant

A range of camera-based driver assistance systems that enhance safety and reduce the risk of potential collisions, at both high and low speeds. Systems included in this option are:
  • Lane Departure Warning for detecting lane markings at speeds above approximately 45 mph. If the car deviates from the lane of travel without the use of indicators, the steering wheel vibrates as an alert. If the indicators are used to signal, the system recognises this as an intentional lane change and the steering wheel will not vibrate.
  • Forward Collision Warning operates at speeds above 10 mph and monitors vehicles ahead and warns the driver by an optical and acoustic alert if their approach could escalate into a rear-end collision. At higher speeds over 30 mph an urgent warning also activates brake preconditioning for maximum force.
  • City Collision Mitigation proactively engages braking automatically for rapid reaction to potential vehicle collisions in driving situations up to 35 mph.
  • Preventive Pedestrian Protection proactively engages braking automatically for rapid reaction to potential collisions with humans and cyclists in urban driving situations up to 35 mph. The identification of pedestrians and cyclists is only active in daylight.
  • Attentiveness Assistant includes audible warning in cabin and visual warning on iDrive when the system detects that the driver is losing concentration based on driving and travel conditions.
The systems within Driving Assistant are not a substitute for the judgement of the driver. The driver should remain in control of the vehicle at all times and these systems are an aid but should not be solely relied upon.​

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Below is your decoded VIN build list:

Vehicle Information
Prod. Date 2018-01-31
Type 640I XDRIVE (USA)
Series G32 (6 Series)
Body Type SAT
Steering Left Hand Drive
Engine B58M
Displacement 3.00
Power 250kw / 340hp
Drive ALLR
Transmission Automatic
Colour ALPINWEISS 3 (300)

Editions And Packages
P337A M Sports Package
S715A M Aerodynamics Package

Comfort And Interior Equipment
S423A Floor Mats Velours
S488A Lumbar Support Driver And Passenger
S4AWA Instrument Panel Sensatec
S4HAA Seat Heating Front And Rear
S4LFA Finewood Trim Fineline Ridge
S4T8A Outside Mirror With Auto Dip
S4URA Ambient Interior Lighting
S402A Electric Panoramic Roof
S459A Seat Adjuster Electric With Memory
S481A Sports Seat
S4NEA Blowby Heater

S610A Headup Display
S655A Satellite Tuner
S688A HarmanKardon Surround Sound System
S6AKA Connected Drive Services
S6AMA RealTime Traffic Information
S6APA Remote Services
S6CPA Preparation Apple CarPlay
S6NWA Phoning With Wireless Charging
S6U8A BMW Gesture Recognition
S6WBA Multifunctional Instrument Display
S6WDA WLAN Hotspot
S609A Navigation System Professional
S645A BMW US Radio
S650A CD Player
S6ACA Intelligent Emergency SOS Call
S6AEA Teleservices
- Bavsound Speaker Upgrade Available

Driver Assistance And Lightning
S552A Adaptive LED Headlight
S5ACA Highbeam Assistant
S5ALA Active Protection
S5APA Decode Antiglare FLA Highbeam Assist
S5ASA Driving Assistant
S5DNA Parking Assistance System Plus
S534A Automatic Air Conditioning
S5DSA Emergency Release Luggage Compartment

Wheels And Drive
S21HA BMW LA Wheel M Double Spoke 648 Bicolor
S2TBA Sport Automatic Transmission
S2VBA Tire Pressure Display
S212A Equipment Brake Syst Countryspecific
S258A Tire With Runflat Functionality

Environment And Safety
S319A Integrated Universal Remote Control
S322A Comfort Access
S323A SoftCloseAutomatic Doors
S3DZA Delete Extra External Lettering
S8KLA Oil Service Interval 15000 Km12 Months
S8S4A Decoding Variable Light Distribution
S8TNA Daytime Runlights Adjusvia Light Menu
S302A Alarm System
S823A Hotclimate Version
S842A Coldclimate Version
S845A Acoustic Belt Warning
S853A Language Version English
S8R9A Refrigerant R1234yf
S8SMA Car Ident Number Visible From Outside

Individual Equipment
S760A High Gloss Shadow Line
S775A Headlining Anthracite

Other Equipment
S1CAA Selection Of COP Relevant Vehicles
S9AAA Outer Skin Protection
S1CBA CO2 Package​

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My car does not have ACC. Does it mean it's not equipped with intersection warning (getting T-boned)? I don't recall hearing the audible alert ever when pulling out or backing up into cross traffic.

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My car does not have ACC. Does it mean it's not equipped with intersection warning (getting T-boned)? I don't recall hearing the audible alert ever when pulling out or backing up into cross traffic.
That is correct. Based on the G32 ordering have the options you mention in the your quote would need option code S5ATA...which would include "Active Cruise Control Premium with Stop&Go function" and the "Active Driving Assistant Plus pkg. So I would highly recommend doing a "visual" look when pulling or backing out into traffic and not rely on a tech nanny to warn you of impending danger. :)

The S5ATA option pkg includes in addition to the contents of the Active Driving Assistant option S5ASA (which was listed above in post #4):
  • Active Cruise Control w/Stop & Go
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant w/side collision avoidance
  • Traffic Jam Assistant
  • Evasion Aid
  • Cross-traffic alert front (anti-T-bone option)
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