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What's best to clean the fabric on the roadster top?

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Hi all -

Looking for recommendations on how to clean the fabric on the roadster top. I'm sure some of the guys with blue tops that have had their roadsters a while wil have some good tips.

I'll post the same question on the Detailing board.
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Haartz top cleaner. I order mine thru the Natioanl Corvette Museum's website. You could probably find it cheaper somewhere else (I paid $15 plus shipping).
I use BMW kit to clean and treat my top. I use the older kit, which had the top treatment you had to mix with water to apply. The cleaner was pump sprayer. It seems to be the same stuff as sold by Bavarian Auto as Autosol.

I like the top treatment since it can be applied with a sponge, thus avoiding overspray. Much easier to control.

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll hop by the Carnuba Store in Costa Mesa. They carry the Raggtopp products (and maybe some of the others).
I recommend the Raggtop products as well.
The black top(s) are not much trouble to keep clean, I get by with just (Meguiar's Gold Car Wash) soap and water.

Last night I ordered a couple of cans of their top protectant. The black car's was wearing off and I had never treated the gray car's top.

Time to get serious for summer...


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I like it.

I got some of the Raggtopp cleaner - it works very good and easily. Spray on, let it lift the dirt, wipe off.

I also got the protectant but have not used it yet.


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