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what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl

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type s or not...

a friend of mine is dead set on getting it, but know nothing about the car past the horsepower.... (he's not into cars mechanically, just wants a nice car that goes fast)
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You've also got to respect the fact that the Acura TL was rated #2 in initial quality right behind the LS430 on the JD Power survey. Granted, the bimmers weren't too far behind (surprise), but the Acura is another league as far as reliability.

Acura is getting there slowly but surely-- they've recently introduced a 6 speed manual. Now, all they need to do is take the wonderful RWD chassis of the S2000, graft a sport sedan body onto it, and make that the next TL. If they do that, and style it just a little better than the IS-- i'll be there very fast.
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