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what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl

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type s or not...

a friend of mine is dead set on getting it, but know nothing about the car past the horsepower.... (he's not into cars mechanically, just wants a nice car that goes fast)
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eugeneDC/TX said:
(he's not into cars mechanically, just wants a nice car that goes fast)
definitely get the TL, I don't think he would appreciate a BMW and therefore should not buy one. The reliability issues of a BMW would probably piss him off quite a bit. (even YOU were a little anonyed by the number of aux fans u had)... =) Accura's the way to go, at least for him.
Re: Re: Re: what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl

eugeneDC/TX said:
my friend actually loves bmw (not for handling or anything, just the name
oh no, not another one of those... like a friend of my girlfriend is going to get a 325Ci, she knows absolutely nothing about cars, let alone BMWs. She's buying one because a) she likes how it looks, and b) she likes the brand. nothing wrong with that, but i'm just trying to get her to a) get the sport package, and b) get a manual. and seems like she is not getting the SP and getting a steptronic... ahhhh...

after she gets her car, i'll prolly have to make sure her breakin is done properly, and force her to change her oil after breakin and then at 7500 miles... i just can't help myself... =)

Re: ha, my friend refuses to learn stick

eugeneDC/TX said:
oh, won't be able to make the driving school after all.... schedule and lack of funding. :cry:
no problem, they have one almost every month! just lemme know when u wanna go!

andrew - looking through your pic album admiring your m3 wheel and v1, and i noticed you had stock side mirrors... for some reason i thought you went to m3/sport-esque mirrors... oh well, i need me a v1, m3 wheel, and rear clears still... haha maybe i'll be lucky for my bday and get one of the three...
na, no M3 mirror, too expensive, need to get it painted and all, not worth it.

Re: Re: hey hey, let's slow this down a bit

Alan F said:
I was referring to other people that were knocking the Acura because they gave there opinion's that the Bimmer's are the best and the TL is nothing compared to it.
i hope that didnt include me, i love japanese cars for their reliability, and I love the S2000! i seriously don't think BMW are the best, no no no...

and it definitely seemed that Eugene's friend would appreciate a problemless TL much more than a BMW, so I suggested that he get the TL.

Re: Re: Re: Re: hey hey, let's slow this down a bit

Alan F said:

Didn't aim that message at you Andrew, as far as I'm concerned your :thumb:
thank you, feeling much better now... ;)

Dan said:
Finally, both the Honda S2000 and the Acura Integra (and RSX) are well known for their handling expertise. The Integra regularly beats the E46 in the road-racing events on Speedvision, and the S2000 will out handle any of the BMW Z cars, including the M roadster.
yup, S2000 handles like a go-cart, for experienced drivers only, so serious. the Type-R is the best handling FWD car. and let's not forget about the NSX! Honda ruled the F1 a while back, they know how to build cars that handle well.

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