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what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl

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type s or not...

a friend of mine is dead set on getting it, but know nothing about the car past the horsepower.... (he's not into cars mechanically, just wants a nice car that goes fast)
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The TL, especially the TL-S, is a great car, and an excellent bargain. The only negative that I can think of is in handling. The thing just doesn't turn very well, when compared to an E46, C class, or an A4. Still, you can't beat Acura / Honda for reliablity! If only Acura would stick the LSD and manual tranny from then new CL-S 6 speed into the TL-S! Oh, their Bose stereo sounds better than our HK.

I love Honda / Acura, but the Prelude DOES NOT handle better than the E46 with sport package. I had a 88 Prelude 4ws, 92 Prelude 4WS, and a 97 Prelude Si (VTEC). Those cars handle very well, but all it took was one test drive to convince me to trade the Prelude in for my 328Ci.

I have also driven the TL-S in BMW's Test Drive event last summer. Nice car with good acceleration, but its braking and handling was not on par with the 330i, the C Class, or the IS300 that were there. As I stated before, the new LSD in the CL-S 6-speed may really improve its handling.


Dan said:

As someone who has owned many Honda products, I completely disagree with you regarding your opinion of Honda's prowess in the handling department. Honda is an engineering - based company, and even their mainstream products are known for their balanced handling and fun-to-drive nature. The early Civics from the mid 1970's were excellent handling, almost go-kart like. I had a 1978 Civic, and a friend of mine who had a Mini back in the 70's drove my car and could not believe how well my Civic handled once I put a decent set of Michelins on it.

Back in the mid-90's, Car and Driver, after extensive comparison testing, declared that the previous generation Honda Prelude was the best handling car sold in America under $30K (they also voted the previous generation M3 to be the best handling car over $30K). My father owns a pristine 1995 Prelude, and I can assure you that it will run rings around an E46 in the handling department. The current generation Prelude handles even better.

My last Honda was a 1995 Accord EX. It would out corner a non-sport package E46, with less body roll and better turn in. However, the E36 will out handle the Accord, no question.

Finally, both the Honda S2000 and the Acura Integra (and RSX) are well known for their handling expertise. The Integra regularly beats the E46 in the road-racing events on Speedvision, and the S2000 will out handle any of the BMW Z cars, including the M roadster.
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