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what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl

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type s or not...

a friend of mine is dead set on getting it, but know nothing about the car past the horsepower.... (he's not into cars mechanically, just wants a nice car that goes fast)
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What is with the BMW is the greatest car attitude ? ?

I love my Bimmer but as a car enthusiat I appreciate other cars as well. When Acura came out with the TL, there main goal was to offer the best all around entry level luxury car and they did an incredible job at it. No where did they say they were competing against the 3 series.

Our competitors are: A4, C320, IS300, Jag X-type (at least they'd like to think it was)

The TL's competitors are: ES300, I35 or someone looking to upgrade from a Maxima, Camry or Accord

Also, what is this that they are nothing more then a juiced up Honda . . . is that a bad thing ? ?

He last time I looked Honda makes excellent cars. They give you an excellent balalnce of handling, power and reliability with a little fun added in.

Be a little opened minded guys :confused:
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Re: hey hey, let's slow this down a bit

eugeneDC/TX said:
i'm not hating on japanese cars. in fact, in my family we still have the 91 mazda protege that i drove prior to the bimmer. i love that car to this day. and japanese cars are excellent build quality and all that good stuff. i was in no way knocking the acura,
Don't worry Eugene, your original message came off 100% correctly. I got the impression that all you were looking for was information on the TL. There was nothing negative in your message

I was referring to other people that were knocking the Acura because they gave there opinion's that the Bimmer's are the best and the TL is nothing compared to it.

As you can see from my previous message, I couldn't disagree more with that attitude.
CCs328Ci said:

As you know, I agree 100%, thats an endless battle, I know how the acura/honda's are, and thats all that matters to me :angel:
You & I agree ? ? I got a question for you . . . what don't we agree on bro
:thumb: :thumb:
jw said:

I think you've got the competition a little wrong. Don't peg a certain model number to a specific segment in this blurred market. As you said, let's be open mined about this. The BMW E46's competition is all of those cars and more. Just about any 2/4 dr sedan in the luxury and near-luxury market between 30k-42k.
Ok, Ok, I got your point . . . BUT (and that's a big BUT) all cars are built with a target segment in mind. Though you have a point that some do cross over into others they still have there main competition. If you don't agree with me, that is ok but then you are saying you don't agree with every car magazine either. They do comparison's all the time and you really don't find them comparing the TL to the 3 series or the ES300 to the A4 and so on and so on.

Let's back up a second jw, my main reason for jumping on what you said is the tone of your message sounded like you were bashing Acura. It's just like when someone calls a Lexus a jazzed-up toyota. I don't think it's just me when I say it sounds like you are knocking both Honda & Acura.

Maybe that wasn't your intention.

Also, not that I am directing this at you but it really bothers me when people that drive BMW's or any other brand knock other cars.

A car enthusiast appreciates all cars whether it's a Hyundai or a Ferrari.
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Re: Re: Re: hey hey, let's slow this down a bit

ayn said:

i hope that didnt include me, i love japanese cars for their reliability, and I love the S2000! i seriously don't think BMW are the best, no no no...

and it definitely seemed that Eugene's friend would appreciate a problemless TL much more than a BMW, so I suggested that he get the TL.

Didn't aim that message at you Andrew, as far as I'm concerned your :thumb:
ahekd said:

Edmunds did a comparison on entry level sports sedans:

TL-s came first, 330i was second...the ES was not in the comparison, but thats because I don't think it is considered a "sports" sedan. Also, they wanted to compare the A4 too, but the 2002's were not available yet...
You've proved me wrong . . . good job (seriously). I am sure there is probably another magazine out there that also compared the TL to the 3 series.

Edmunds picked a very large group of vehicles that 'can' be competition if you want to consider it on a large scale but do you really consider all of those cars our competition ?

They should have broken that test into 2 segments of vehicles.
Smaller Sport sedans aimed towards performance & larger sport sedans aimed toards luxury.
Come on . . . even the Mazda Millenia & the Infiniti I30 were in that test.

I had a Millenia S and while it was a great car, I bought it at the time with totally different outlook in what I wanted in a car.
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