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What's the best way to fix paint chips on the hood?

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Three weeks ago I bought a 2004 BMW 330ci in titanium silver. It looked brand new, and most of it still does, but after taking it through the car wash, some paint chips appeared in the hood--about 20 very small ones on the nose (the center front), and a couple of bigger ones on the top. Apparently someone did a very cheap touch-up job on the chips, and the car wash took off the touch-up.

I want the car to look practically new again, and I've been told there are two ways to fix this: 1) have the entire hood repainted, or 2) have a detail shop touch up the chips -properly- this time. Doing the job myself isn't really an option for me.

Which of these works the best? Will either of them last very long? (I know nothing is as good as factory paint). What are they likely to cost? (I got an estimate for the hood of just under $500, and I'm willing to spend that if it will truly fix the problem.)

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I use Dr. Color Chip (I think that is the name) and am satisfied with the results. You could try this (or try somebody doing this for you) and see if you like the results. If not, you could then paint. If you do, you'd be out around $100, instead of $500.

New paint, correctly applied, is more likely to hold up. The big issues are whether it is correctly applied, high quality paint, and does it match. If you have a good place, with recommendations from people you trust, and especially if you can see their work, then you pretty well satisfy these concerns.

Painting the hood front bumper is probably the best option (but not the cheapest). Stone chips are a constant problem and you will get them again. A good repaint should be indistinguishable from the factory paint and should last for many years. The key is a "good repaint". Get recommendations from friends etc. as to who does good bodywork. If someone gives you a real good price, beware. Good body workers are well compensated and their work is not cheap. You would be better of going the DR Color Chip route than to have poor work done on your car....

Here is a link to the Dr Color Chip process.
I've used Dr Color Chip on several cars with excellent results. Highly recommend it.
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