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I was getting my Chevy pick-up truck's tires flipped on the wheels (at their half-life of 35k miles) at a tire store/repair shop, to counter the uneven wear that couldn't be fixed by alignment.

Some guy brought his Buick in for a "check" before starting his family's vacation trip to Wally World the next day. The shop told him that his brake lines were corroded, and if they failed him and his family could DIE. They yanked the old lines off, maybe damaging them in the process. The problem was than the local Buick dealership or anybody else didn't stock new brake lines. That's because they never fail. That surface corrosion is there by design to protect the lines from structural corrosion.

So, the guy was stuck there with his car in pieces waiting for special-order parts that didn't need replacing in the first place.

After I spent $100 to have my tires flipped, the sales-Bubba tried to sell me a set of Coopers for more than a set of Michelins would cost.

I ended up getting 74k miles out of those original tires on my Chevy pick-up truck.

I never went back to that tire store/repair shop.

Back in the 1970's VW's had brake lines that really would corrode to the point of failure. Once DOT's NYTSA found out about it, they required VW to do a recall and replace the brake lines.
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