When it comes time to replace your binders and only the best will do, these are the best BMW brake pads you can get.

Brake pads are an often overlooked but incredibly important part of your BMW driving experience. If you're planning on heading to the track, then your factory pads just won't cut it. Unless you've got one of the latest M sport brake compounds, but even that is no guarantee. Even if you're never planning on heading to the track, the wrong pads can turn the ultimate driving machine into the ultimate everyday annoyance. The wrong pads on a daily driver make too much noise and too much dust while the wrong pads on an occasional track car can put you into the grass with brake fade. We've taken some of your recommendations and added some of our own for this list of the best BMW brake pads.

1. Editor's Choice: Textar Brake Pads
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Textar is one of the suppliers that BMW has chosen to make the pads that are on their cars when they leave the factory. Their aftermarket replacement pad options meet those same demanding standards as well as a precise factory fit. This set fits E90 chassis 3 Series models as well as the Z4, but Textar offers pads to fit nearly every BMW new and old. Textar pads are ideal for a daily driver, offering positive pedal feel even when the pads are cold as well as offering low levels of brake dust to keep your wheels clean. These pads should also stay quiet, making your driving experience more pleasant. Textar says it spends up to three years developing its pads and that they meet extensive OEM-level standards.

Pros: Factory equipment on many BMWs, OEM levels of testing
Cons: Pricier than some other brands, not suited to extended periods of hard braking


2. Best Runner Up: Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic
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Akebono is another icon in the brake pad industry. They are original equipment for nearly a dozen automakers, and they've used that knowledge and expertise to make pads for your daily-driver BMW too. As lawfive1 said, "Next to zero dust and excellent performance with NO noise." Their Ultra-Premium Ceramic pads are designed to maintain the firm pedal feel you expect from BMW. More importantly, their pads are designed to be silent, with a ceramic compound they claim virtually eliminates dust. That means less time cleaning your wheels, but the compound is also designed to maximize brake rotor life. That can save you time and money down the road. Akebono pads are designed for your BMW but are made in the USA.

Pros: Virtually eliminate dust, reduced noise compared with semi-metallic
Cons: May offer less initial grip in freezing temps, not as absorbent of heat which can cause overheating


3. Best High Performance Brake Pads: StopTech Sport Pads
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StopTech says that their Sport pads are designed for extreme high-performance braking. They were previously called Street Performance, but the company has evolved the pad to go beyond a street performance option. Sport pads are scorched from the factory, a process that applies extreme heat and pressure to help the pads bond with your rotors and make the bed-in process quicker and easier. They're designed to handle high temperatures without fading if you're planning on light track-day use in your BMW, but the pad still offers enough initial grip for lower-intensity motorsports like autocross.

Pros: Scorched for better bed-in, high initial bite, high heat capacity
Cons: Can make more dust than street-oriented pads, may offer less initial stopping when cold


4. EBC Yellow Stuff Performance Brake Pads
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EBC Yellow Stuff pads are designed to work well when cold, but also to be able to handle the high temperatures and demanding conditions that big horsepower SUVs like your BMW M model can experience. EBC says they are ECE tested, a European certification that doesn't care if you're planning on doing hard driving, instead worrying more about cold. They can pass that test, but they can also handle serious heat and hard braking including fast street use on fast road cars and SUVs. These pads are used by the Silverstone Racetrack Drivers Experience in the UK. While they're a fast street pad for your SUV, they can handle racetrack duties for cars up to 3,5000 lbs. The latest formula has removed copper, letting them meet the latest air quality regulations in California

Pros: Bed-in coating, able to handle cold stops and high heat
Cons: Even EBC says these are dusty, high price


5. Hawk Performance HPS 5.0 Brake Pads
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Hawk Brakes says that its HPS 5.0 pad is designed for vehicles that are heavy on torque. Does that sound like your turbocharged BMW? We thought so. HPS pads are designed to offer shorter stopping distances with more bite all through the range than your factory pads and other options. Despite that, they pads are meant to be ideal for street cars. That means they won't eat your rotors like some other performance pads. The pads themselves are designed to be long-lasting while offering a consistent brake feel. As important as the bite, these pads offer a consistent brake release. So, when you ease off the binders coming out of a corner, you know exactly what is going to happen.


What Pads do I need?
Brake pads are a compromise, so it's important to know what your plans for your BMW are. If you know you're not going to the track for a full day of lapping, don't buy a race pad because it will be miserable on the street. Loud, short-lived, low grip when cold, and high dust. Likewise, if you are planning on lapping days, you really do need a high-performance pad designed for that application. A standard pad will quickly overheat which means not just potential fade when you need braking most but also shattered pads and metal-on-metal braking with heavy damage.

BMW Brake Tips
Unlike most automakers, BMW adds a brake pad wear sensor to their braking systems. Usually only on one side of the car, the sensor gives you a warning when the brake pads get too thin. Don't change the pads in time and you can end up adding a sensor to your list of new parts. It's also important that you be careful with the delicate sensor and wire when you change pads because it's easy to damage.

Brake Pad Terms
There are four common types of brake pad, and each has its pluses and minuses depending on your needs.

Semi-Metallic: Semi-metallic are the most common. Low-price, easy on rotors, they also have the potential to be noisy and make dust.

Ceramic: These pads are usually more expensive but make almost no dust and no noise. They tend to be the longest-lived as well

Non-Asbestos Organic: These pads are made from materials like glass, rubber, and even Kevlar. They are quiet and low-priced, but they tend to wear more quickly and produce high levels of dust.

(Original Post 08/30/2021)
When it's time to service the brakes on your BMW, we want to know what you think the best BMW brake pads are.

Most BMW owners appreciate their car for the balance of performance and luxury that it delivers on the road. Some owners favor more comfort, and if you're like me, you want more performance than anything. When you're on an open twisty road, and the conditions are right (safe), you're the driver that turns off the traction control and allows your inner Mario Andretti come out. You accelerate hard and dive into the corners even harder depending on your brakes to keep you on the road.

If you drive hard, you want to ensure that your replacement brake pads perform as well, if not better, than what you're removing. If you shop on Amazon, Bosch brake pads seem to be a popular choice with over 35k reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. If you're a purist who only replaces BMW parts with BMW parts, let us know. If you know of a brand that you feel equally or outperforms the stock brake pads, share it with us so we can pass your knowledge along to other forum members and we'll gladly give you the credit.

Thank you in advance for your input. We can't wait to see what you have to say.