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I have an e90 330xi with the stock wheels. These are 17x8, et34. The brakes on this car are too large to fit 16 inch wheels, so I defnitely need 17 inch wheels. I would like to fit some 205/50/17 snow tires to this car for winter driving and understand that these should be fitted on a max 7.5 inch rim. So, I am in the market for some 17x7.5 or 17x7 rims for my car. I would like to match the et34 offset.

If I can't find wheels with the et34 offset, how much of a problem is it if I get et38 offset wheels? Et40 offset? I can understand the issues with the wheel not fitting between the fender and the suspension properly, but what about the geometry and alignment? If I fit a 17x7.5, et40 wheel, it should have the same clearance from the suspension, but will be 12mm recessed from the fender. Will this offset affect the alignment or handling of the car?

If I chose to mount 6mm spacers behind an et40 wheel, this should bring it to the same effective offset as the stock et34 wheel. What disadvantages are there to using spacers? I've seen some M3 wheels with offsets in the range of et47 which could be mounted with 12mm spacers to give an effective et35 offset. Are there additional problems with a larger spacer? Would I need longer lug bolts than those that came with my car?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just trying to make sense of this so that I can make some decisions.:dunno:

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