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When did you replace your e46 brakes?

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At what mileage did you replace your e46 brakes? Was it both front and rear? And if done separately, how far apart (mileage) were the front and rears?
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My car went into the shop for a long list of repairs at 27,141 miles, and when it left I had done an Inspection 1, a brake flush, new wipers and new brakes all around.

The brakes were not worn, in fact they had about 50% of the pad left on front and rear.

This is how I got everything covered, as quoted from my service invoice:

Front brakes

Complaint: c/s vibration in steering wheel upon braking

Cause: as per si 34-03-99, warped rotors.

Correction: balance front wheels, replace front brake pads and rotors, replace hydraulic lines and coupling

Rear Brakes
Complaint: c/s there is squealing on applying the brakes

Cause: as per si 34-03-00

Correction: replace rear brake pads (front pads already replaced on Job 3)
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