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Interesting responses to my question. I suspect that ultimately, the lack of a dipstick will not be the deciding factor on any purchase I make. But I guess I am old school and see no reason to do away with a failsafe indicator of the engines lifeblood. Unless these sensors are manufactured and tested to nuclear or FAA standards, with no backup I am having a hard time accepting they will work all the time, and be accurate.

As an aside, I drove an 06 325i yesterday. The dealership that took it on trade seems to have put non runflats on the car. They can't find the owners manual/packet, missing a key and a number of cosmetic defects and want $22K for a car that I figure may be worth $16. It has the premium package and auto but nothing else. I loved my E36's center console that turned slightly toward the driver. My old 2002 530 was a better car in my book than this one. So my search continues. I'll find my next bimmer and I suspect it will have a dipstick.

Thanks for the replies.
I'm with you. I think it is idiotic not to have a dipstick. For that percentage that don't know/can't figure out how to use one, let them rely on the computer. For the many of us who have read horror stories on this board about inaccurate computer displays, overfilling crankcases, etc, give us a dipstick. IMHO, this is not as trivial as some make it out.
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