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When Turning Both Left and Right I Hear Grinding

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When Turning Both Left and Right I Hear Grinding Under The Hood By The Driver FireWall.... Please Help!!

- Looked at the fluid and its right under that max.
- Going to change and flush the power steering fluid this weekend
- Sounds like a rubber rubbing against something
- No struggle to move the steering wheel left or right
- Really loud when parking or moving at that speed
- Help:mad::thumbdwn:
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I had the same problem on my BMW Z4 and was the strut bar.
It was unscrewed on one side.
Check it.
When you were parked and turn the wheel both left and right did it make a rubber grinding sound? Mine gets worse after the second rotation in one direction. Thanks for the reply BTW!
Deep grind or clicking grind?
Have heard replacing alternator pulley and belt fixes this. Can anyone else recall this?
Mine was when moving not when parked.
It was deep grind.
I would say clicking. It started to get worse yesterday when it rained... It's only really noticeable when your trying to park or reverse. Idk if that's because the road and car noise isn't as loud or what.
Deep grind or clicking grind?
Can you get someone to listen under the bonnet whilst making the noise..
Should be able to narrow it down to a local area [emoji106]
So i had it taken in to figure it out. It only cost me $57.50... NOT BAD!!! This is what they told me.

(((Worked Performed- Road test, found noise to be intermittent. Noise from front lower control arm bushings. Left side rearward arm bushing is most deteriorated, bulk of noise from there. Recommend replacing front lower control arms ( Forward and Rearward). Alignment needed after replacement))))

So looks like Im going to replace the control arms! Anyone know of any good DIY for 6 series Lower Control Arms???
Here you go to replace the entire arm:

If you replace the bushings only:

You can press new bushings once, then the second requires full arm replacement. If there is a small triangle stamped into the arm near the bushing it has been replaced once already.

Do you know of any DIY on the lower control arms?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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