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Hi. 04 645ci Convertible w/SMG trans here.

I was having problems with my trans and took my car 400 miles to a guy who hooked it up to his laptop and diagnosed everything immediately. He even controlled my headlight direction, and anything else you can imagine right through his computer. I lost touch with him since. I've got some issues with my car currently and I want to start the process of diagnosis and protect my future with the vehicle and those to come by getting the software I need, and getting it right the first time!

I don't know where to start. I have 2 Dell laptops that are efficient for typical usage for a college student and are both equipped with Windows operating software.

Right now my low beam headlights won't turn on, both of my shifter paddles stopped working, & my passenger seat movement doesn't work. It's a great car and a head turner, but before I come at it with guesswork I want to come the right way.

Looking for a mentor on this. I need to know where and how to get it and I could use some help using it too if possible.

Please respond to this post, and I also can be reached on my cell via call or text at 312-885-9023


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