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I'm getting ready to so some work on my 07' 328i (N52, 140k mi). All recall work has been done and both my Indy and the dealer who's done the recall both recommended replacing the oil filler housing gasket(done) valve cover gasket, (on the list) and the Acc Drive Belt, Tensioner + Idler Bearing.

They also found the check engine code for the thermostat, 2EF4. So I'd like to replace that as well. (just the thermostat, not the water pump)

My plan is to remove the radiator, do the work on the belt and T+ IB, and the Therm at the same time, so I only have to flush the radiator once.

I AM getting an oil/coolant smell coming from the dash after about 15-20 min of driving. My hope is that the gasket replacements will remedy that.

What I want to know is, what other items should I have handy once I get in there? I'm assuming the smells are coming from the gaskets, but I want to be prepared for any hoses, clamps, etc that are prone to leaking.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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