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White leather, black belt

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I was a little annoyed to see the ivory white leather discoloured by my belts, but I guess I should have expected that. I cleaned it, but right where the perforated area of the leather stops and the thicker leather starts, I could not get it completely clean.

I thought I would try leather dye to fix that. I ordered a small bottle (the BMW code for ivory white leather is LZEW, by the way) from a dealer in the UK.

I followed the instructions (for once), cleaned the area lightly, and dabbed on two light layers of the dye in the affected area with some high density foam, left it overnight.

Worked very well; I cannot see any difference between that area and the rest of the seat. For once, a DIY job that turned out good....:smokin:
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Haha. Glad it worked out well for you, and it's good to hear that dye yields satisfactory results. I'm hoping I'll never have to try it myself - part of the reason I went for all black.

What cleaners did you use before the dyes? I'm very impressed with Gliptone's products - as outlined in my blog post a few months back. I'm getting ready to do a second round of cleaning (likely just the driver's seat and steering wheel) and conditioning (all of the Nappa) with their products tomorrow.
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