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Who can remember this?

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Who can remember this from the 1st BimmerFest?
Seems like such a long time ago...

Check It Out Now!

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Jon.. my favorite question:

There must not have been very many 5ers at the first Bimmerfest. This is my fave question:

"Would appreciate event schedule.
Are 5 series welcome?"

hahah. Anyhow.. how many 5ers this year? 50?
Re: Re: Jon.. my favorite question:

Jon Shafer said:

45 E39s to be exact Mark...


Btw, did you see my request to update the caravan info up above?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Jon.. let me grab Dave (DDD) from another board. He knows the route (precisely) since he did it last year. Let me see if i can get him to post the information you are looking for.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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