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Who else thinks that BMW did a better job on the new Range Rover's interior than the

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e65? It seems like the Range Rover accomplishes most of what the E65 aspires to-- natural looking wood finishes (furniture like), high mounted navigation screen, easy to use controls, but executes all of this much better. THe fit and finish and materials are all more solid and better put together on the Range Rover-- and the controls all make sense. Everything looks good too. The matte cherry wood actually looks like good funriture rather the plastic looking wood in the e65. There is no iDrive, but all of the controls are simple, well-placed and easy to find. That's all it takes-- I can't figure out why BMW did such a better job on the Range Rover than their own bread and butter? I guess they spednt all of the interior dollars on the stupid idrive. If you think that there is anything high quality about the way the e65's interior is put together-- i encourgae you to spedn some time in one-- it seems to be the worst built of the current BMW lineup--lots of flimsy feeling pieces.:dunno:

Sorry to start another e65 sucks thread-- i just couldn't resist after reading a reivew of the new Range Rover on edmunds-- it got me all fired up.

I think i know the answer. Reitzle. The Range Rover was his pet project and he was well-known for his insistence on high quality materials and fit/finish. He was long gone by the time the e65 slipped out the door unfortunately-- he's probably still in shock over the crap that BMW is turning out now.
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Going in, I knew the new RangeRover was the BMW/Ford orphan. But when I sat in one at the auto show, wow. Its utterly and totally BMW, as if it was the inside of a X7. Everything looks and feels totally familiar to a E38/39/46 driver, yet replaces that sometimes-stark, German feel with a richer, more British ambience. I spent a LONG time in there. A few minutes later, I sat in the E65 where it felt rather strange in comparison.

When BMW does the new Roller (well, its probably too late by now), the interior designers would do much better by studying the Rover over a E65.
I absolutely love the latest Range Rover, inside and out. They did an amazing job. The interior is perfect. One magazine described it as being in the cabin on your yacht, and it does kind of seem that way. It's just very earthy and natural. Simply amazing.
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