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Would you be interested in either of these M3 variants?

  • I want an E46 M3 Sedan

    Votes: 52 47.3%
  • I want an E46 M3 Touring (wagon)

    Votes: 31 28.2%
  • Nope. A coupe and convertible are the only M3s I would want.

    Votes: 27 24.5%

Who'd like an E46 M3 sedan or wagon?

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Who would be interested in BMW producing one of these M3 variants?
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well at first I was really disappointed they didn't make a sedan version..but now I don't think I could see it any other way than as a coupe. I love mine, and 4 doors would just seem to ruin the persona of the car.

I love wagons, like the RS4, just would feel all wrong for the M3.

Besides that's what the M5 is for. :)
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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