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I dunno what happened to the price pdfs at "ask a dealer"... gone!

2005 model year:

325i wholesale 26,825 retail 29,300
330i wholesale 32,645 retail 35,700
In each case, plus 695 dest charge

325i prem pkg wholesale 2,095 retail 2,300
sport pkg wholesale 1,275 retail 1,400
pwr front seats wholesale 905 retail 995
onboard computer wholesale 275 retail 350
H-K sound wholesale 615 retail 675

330i prem pkg wholesale 2,000 retail 2,200
sport pkg wholesale 1,090 rretail 1,200
perf pkg wholesale 3,550 retail 3,900

other options:
cold weath pkg wholesale 910 retail 1,000
Step wholesale 1,210 retail 1,275
xenon headlights wholesale 635 retail 700
heated seats wholesale 455 retail 500
folding rear seats wholesale 430 retail 475
metallic paint wholesale 430 retail 475
Navigation wholesale 1640 retail 1800

Hope this helps!

2022 M3
4,486 Posts
amt7565 said:
Thank you. But you have posted the INVOICE rates. The WHOLESALE rates are much lower than this. It's usually not published. It was posted here someplace earlier but it seems like it has been taken off.

invoice = wholesale = what the dealer pays for the car

These were taken from a printed copy of the prices that were posted at "ask a dealer" and recently removed.

There ARE lower prices than these (for the cars, not for the options) but they are for European delivery and diplomatic sales.

Edit: You can also find price info at or or
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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