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Will these wheels fit a 323i?

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Hey, I am looking at a '99 323i and I would want some new wheels for it. I saw some nice ADR M Sport wheels. I would want the 19". Would these fit?
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Decent looking wheels....the 19x8.5 with a bolt circle of 120x5 and 35mm offset *should* fit ok, but you might experience some rubbing when hitting a bump while the wheels are turned.... in which case, you may need to have a body shop roll the fender edges for clearance. Many here are of the opinion that 17s are probably the best all-around choice for the E-46....there`s a lot of merit to that opinion,(check the archives), but if you`re after the "big-wheel look", then by all means go for it.

Thanks! The car that got me started on these wheels is this one:

Are there any wheels that alot of 3 owners seem to like?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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