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So I'm bringing my 2004 325i into the dealer this weekend because I feel a slight vibration in the car but it still seems aligned alright ... anyway, I already brought it to one dealer who said I had two bent wheels but then switched to 1 bent and back and forth ... so I'm going to another dealer for basically a 'second opinion'. Anyway, the first dealer said my wheels would cost me $408 each. I started looking around good ole TireRack and found these - Mille Miglia 11-2 Sport

Size Selected: 16x7.5
Price: $139 each
Estimated Availability: In Stock
Recommended Tire Size: 225/50-16
Wheel Offset: +40mm
** Lightweight: 20.5 lbs. **

Additional Specs

Bolt Pattern: 5-120
Finish Warranty: 2 Years
Country of Origin: Italy
Construction Type: 1pc. Gravity Cast

Will these fit my car as is (on my stock tires)? Also, it says the center caps aren't included, would my stock center caps fit on them?

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