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WIll these wheels fit?

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Will these wheel fit my 2000 528it?

SPecs are :

205/50/17 with tires from a BMW 330i 17" x 7", 5 Lug, 120mm
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Also, im deciding between these two sets... Which of them is stronger? The roads are bad up here, and I need something that wont easily bend...

first set :

second set:
Neither will fit without adapters or boring out the center.
E46 wheels will not nativley fit on an E39. They have different hub bore sizes and offsets.
thanks for the quick replys guys. youve been most helpful
for e39 wheels you need:
Hub Bore 74.1
offset of less than +25
bolt pattern 5x120
i might be forgeting something. im on the hunt for wheels too, but i want an oem look. thats why i want style 65s.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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