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Will this be Covered?

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I made an appt to take my new to me 2013 535xi to the dealer for two issues I have noticed since purchasing the car in Feb. The car has the M Sport package with Multi-Contour seats. The steering wheel has a small piece of leather that is coming apart, that if not taken car of will turn into a big piece of leather. Will this be covered under the warranty or is this considered wear and tear?

I have also noticed a clicking/clunking sound coming from the drivers seat. I originally thought it was coming from something I had in the drivers door pocket. I finally removed all the item, and the sound is still there. Will I have to drive the car with the service adviser in the car until they hear the sound?

Any insight on what I should be prepared for is appreciated. Stefnee
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Thanks. Yes. The car is CPO.
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