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Will this fuel pump fit?

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I have a E30 1984 325i manual, I need a new in tank fuel pump.
I found this one
it says This fuel pump fits the BMW E30 325e 325es 325i 325is 325ic and 325ix from 1988-1991.
So what is the difference between the fuel pump on a 1984 and 1988-1991? Will it still work?
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It could be made to work, and eliminate the in-line pump outside the tank, but you'd be better buying the correct low pressure, high volume lift pump, like this:
I got this pump cylinder from my Euro parts guy in Berkeley, he's pretty knowledgable, has rebuilt Fiats and Jags, specializes in parts for BMW, Rover, Anglia, Alfa, Jag, Fiat and more. I think it was $80.

It slipped into the stock frame pretty well. I used a few zip ties to secure it in place. I was curious so I did a crude 'does it pump' test for the old and new units. Put about an inch of gas in a pie tin and rigged up a crude wire thingy, fuse, switch and all and used those pinch climps to put the wires on a spare charged up battery making sure ground was going to the right connection with an alligator clip. The new item pumped a much stronger stream of fuel that the older.

I could give you the guy's contact info in a PM, he does UPS.

Whoops, just did a web search, might not be available any more. I also used a Chev Vega pump in simiilar manner, it worked fine for years. I think I got that one at O'Reillys for about $40.
I believe mine was a 76 chevy nova. just had to reuse the pump prefilter and remember to use shrink wrap!!!! for the wire connection.

and if you haven't yet, change the inline pump and filter.
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