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Windshield fluid pump not working

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As the subject states, my windshield fluid pump is not working. I don't know if it's a fuse issue or something more. When I press the stick to squirt some washer fluid on my windshield, nothing happens. After a few seconds, the sprayers in front of my headlights spray, but nothing out of the hood nozzles. I don't even hear the pump. Had a friend hit the lever while I had the hood open and nothing happened. Fluid level is topped off.

Where is the fuse for this pump located? Also, has anyone else had this problem?

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Windscreen Washer repair

Hi from Wagga Wagga Australia :)

just replaced my washer pump an followed the good pictures and guides on the forum.
Mine had been making a sound as if it should have worked but nothing came out.
Most difficult part was prying the plastic plugs out from inner wheel arch. Once they and the retaining screws where out I simply bent the cover back ouy of the way to allow access to the tank, pulled the wiring connection plugs off and removed the hoses.
I replaced the pump with a new one from Pelican parts with a new pump strainer also.
Washed out the tank as suggested and refited everything.
Put everything back and fitted new plastic retaining pins.

All good and works a treat. The pumps are not expensive and a fairly easy job. And a satisfying hours work.
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