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Windshield fluid pump not working

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As the subject states, my windshield fluid pump is not working. I don't know if it's a fuse issue or something more. When I press the stick to squirt some washer fluid on my windshield, nothing happens. After a few seconds, the sprayers in front of my headlights spray, but nothing out of the hood nozzles. I don't even hear the pump. Had a friend hit the lever while I had the hood open and nothing happened. Fluid level is topped off.

Where is the fuse for this pump located? Also, has anyone else had this problem?

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Before you go buying a new washer pump, remove the front right wheel and remove a portion of the wheel well covering to expose the tank. The pump is on the lower left side. First remove the fluid level sensor on the right side and drain the fluid into a bucket or something, before removing the pump. Often the pump and the lines near it get clogged with gunk. Remove it and clean it and flush the tank, then check the lines going up to the engine compartment and hood for any clogging. Replace the pump and fill a bit with water and test it. If still no sound, probably need a new pump. Check the fuse first, as you say.
Not sure; check first the fuse box over the battery as it's the easiest to get to. Otherwise, it's probably behind and under the glove box. Maybe someone else here has had to access this fuse and will know for sure....
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