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Any thoughts or experience with windshield repair techniques as opposed to replacement for minor blemishes?
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Unless it is a big crack or impact point bigger than a dime, many of those mobile winshield repair guys should be able to make it almost dissapear.

I took a rock hit not long ago and it left a small impact point with little "legs" that spidered out around it in a total area a bit bigger than a dime. The mobile guy hired by my insurance company came out for the repair. His method was to suck all the air out from between the layers of the glass and then injected a clear resin into the area to seal everything up. After everything dried out, the spot was almost invisable from the inside and bearly visible from the outside.

Unfortunatly for me, even after the repair the break was still too big to pass my annual UK safety inspection, and I had to have a new windshield installed.:banghead:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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