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Winter wheels and tires

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Does anyone know if these will fit a BMW 645 convertible????

Bmw Ronal Rims 18 inch and tires Hancook Ice Bear W300 245/45/R18 100v set 0f 4 with spacers and lugnuts

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The tires will fit, dont know about the rims, you need to post offset information for us to comment on fitment
I'm having a tough time finding wheels/tires that are RunFlat Winter. Tirerack provides almost no help with recommendations in that format.

Does everyone buy 5 and throw an extra in the trunk? :dunno:
I hope you have a winter car.....because she is not going to make it through the snow. :cry:
was told when i bought mine not to even try it in the snow. Still I've had the same temptation to find an all weather tire. Probably will be leaving it in the garage on snow days as options seem limited.
Here are the exact specs of the wheels and tires:

2 ea. 225/45R-18 Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 XL

2 ea. 255/40R-18 Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3

2 ea. 18x8.5 5-120 et40 asa jh8#

2 ea. 18x9.5 5-120 et25 asa jh8#

Anyone know if these will fit a 645?
I live in Colorado and my 650i has been and still is my only driver. For the last three years I had a 2006 650i on which I had an extra set of 18" BMW wheels with four Dunlops Winter Sports M3 Run flats 245/45R 18. The car worked great in the Denver-Boulder area and in the mountains when I went skiing. This year, and in a few weeks, I'll put the same wheels with new Dunlop tires for this winter season on my 2010 650i. I expect the same performance as with the 2006. One caution is the snow tires are not as effective on dry roads as the summer tires so the back end will want to drift a little and most importantly if you have a heavy foot the rear tires will wear at an alarmingly quick rate.
I do not believe the 40mm offset will work on the front. That is nearly 1" different than stock OEM wheels. If you dont mind large wheel spacers and different lug nuts then you might be able to get them to work. I wouldnt do it.
you would probably need new spacers and lug bolts

Not sure I want VDOT's normal excessive amounts of road salt on my baby...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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