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wiper blades covered under maintenance plan?

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I was under the impression that wiper blade replacement was included under the maintenance program. I had my car in for its first inspection-I and the service advisor tried to shuffle me over to the parts department, telling me that wiper blades were not included in the plan. is this true? I could swear that I read that they were included but only if you asked.
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Here are the codes to give the dealer if they try to screw with you...

Replace wiper inserts

Defect Code: 61610077MP (applies to Full Maintenance only)

Labor Code: 6161631

The defect codes are the ones you would find on the DCS warranty vehicle history inquiry report. They are very helpful once you learn to read them. When people say you can call any dealer and get you car's service history, this is what they are referring to. Any warranty work that has been done on your car at any dealer can be traced and identified via the defect codes. For example, I had my Inspection 1 and brake flush done at dealer A, now if I go to dealer B next month and try to get them to do this stuff again they will see right away that it has already been done, the date it was done, and the dealer that did it.
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31st330i said:

dotor... e o filho o pae?
E o mais inteligente dos dois :) O filho e a unica pessoa na minha casa que sabe alguma coise sobre a garantia ;)

Anyways, there are two maintenance plans on modern day BMWs.

All 1997-1999 models came with 3 years or 36,000 miles of schedule maintenance. This covered all factory recommended maintance when called for by time or the service indicator (oil service, Inspections 1 and 2, brake and coolant flushes, etc.)

Starting with 2000 models, BMW upgraded to full maintenance. It includes all the service items under scheduled maintenance, and the following wear items: Front and Rear brake pads and rotors, wiper blades, all drive belts, and all adjustments. The BMW new car warranty didn't cover adjustments after the first year or 12,000 miles. So if you had a one year old 1999 328 convertible and your top went out of adjustment, you had to pay to get it adjusted. Full maintance covers items like this. Unlike what some think, it DOES NOT cover topping off fluids unless it is during a scheduled service, nor does it cover clutch replacement.

All 750 models come with 4 years/ 50,000 miles of Full Maintenance. The program is upgradable to 4 years/ 50,000 miles on all models still covered under the original plan, and it was also possible to upgrade to Full Maintenance from Scheduled Maintance on 97-99 models.

Another item that was changed under the BMW warranty that is of interest to all of us is the battery. Up to 99 models, it was covered for 2 years or 24,000 miles. 2000 and forward models include a battery warranty that matches the new vehicle 4 year/ 50,000 mile warranty.

EDIT: I should also mention, Full Maintenance does NOT cover tires nor alignments. BMW will cover wheel alignment for the first 2,000 miles.
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31st330i said:
do wiper blades come out of the dealer's pocket?

Not at all! In fact, the dealer can get about 40 bucks from BMW for replacing it. Basically, NOTHING comes out of the dealers pocket. If our vehicle is covered by the maintenance plan and you are eligible for replacement, BMW will pay the dealer to do it. There is no reason why they should turn it away! Infact, if you buy the blades and they put them in for you free, they are loosing money. It makes no sense at all!
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