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wiper blades covered under maintenance plan?

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I was under the impression that wiper blade replacement was included under the maintenance program. I had my car in for its first inspection-I and the service advisor tried to shuffle me over to the parts department, telling me that wiper blades were not included in the plan. is this true? I could swear that I read that they were included but only if you asked.
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As I look at my 2002 Service and Warranty Information Manual on page 2 it does not list wiper blades as an exclusion and on page 8 under the things that are checked under Inspection I it says "Check wipers and washer system(s); wiper blades, washer jet positions."
Friday, I think, Fred Meloan posted about this @ the org and stated that wiper blades were included in the sched. maint. but if they needed to be replaced more freq. than 1 yr, then that may be a problem because that kind of wear would be out of spec.'s or something to that effect.
you said "I don't go to the .org anymore"

I said "I can't help it":eek:
might try that. Anyway here is the paste from fred's post:

"Your wiper blade inserts are covered under the 3 year/36,000 mile free service provided by BMW for all models beginning with the 2000 model year . However, you might have a problem if you ask for them to be replaced more than once a year which is the "normal" replacement interval for wiper blade inserts.

Is it possible that the person you dealt with last year was not aware of the provisions of the free maintenance?

Fred Meloan "
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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