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wiper blades covered under maintenance plan?

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I was under the impression that wiper blade replacement was included under the maintenance program. I had my car in for its first inspection-I and the service advisor tried to shuffle me over to the parts department, telling me that wiper blades were not included in the plan. is this true? I could swear that I read that they were included but only if you asked.
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Since you asked about wiper blades I thought I'd share this here too...I posted this over at the .org a few seconds ago:

I figure I save Fred the headache by posting a little how-to here:

1) Lift up wiper arm to verticle position like so...

2) Turn the wiper arm 90 degrees so the attachment tab is visible. It's the little tab that tilts up in the center of the picture.

3) Push up on the tab away from the wiper control arm, then push the wiper arm DOWN to release the locking tab. You may need to wiggle the arm a bit or move the rubber inserts out of the way to remove the arm.

4) The insert is held into the arm by these two locking tabs at the end of the insert. The other end of the insert should be free of the tabs and will move around a bit.

5) You'll need to remove the metal spine first before you can remove the insert. Use a needle nose plier to pull the spines free from the insert like so:

Once the insert spines are out the rubber insert will slide out. Squeeze the end of the rubber insert with the locking tabs and it should wiggle free from the tabs. Rudimentary really, it's the same as ALL the wiper designs I've seen on almost all makes and models. Installation is reverse of removal. Just insert the metal spines into the rubber wipers, and start sliding it into the wiper arm (it doesn't matter which end), make sure it's not the end with the locking tabs on it.

On a little side note, I finally REMEMBERED to take some pictures of my car as I applied Griot's Wheel Cleaner and Undercarriage spray. Call me obsessive compulsive...

Wheel Cleaner, Before...(I started spraying water on it and the wheel cleaner and then realized I need to snap a few shots)

Wheel Cleaner, After...

Under Carriage Spray before:

Under Carriage After:

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