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wiper blades covered under maintenance plan?

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I was under the impression that wiper blade replacement was included under the maintenance program. I had my car in for its first inspection-I and the service advisor tried to shuffle me over to the parts department, telling me that wiper blades were not included in the plan. is this true? I could swear that I read that they were included but only if you asked.
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Gotta love that Portuguese talk!

DrBimmer said:

Not at all! In fact, the dealer can get about 40 bucks from BMW for replacing it. Basically, NOTHING comes out of the dealers pocket. If our vehicle is covered by the maintenance plan and you are eligible for replacement, BMW will pay the dealer to do it. There is no reason why they should turn it away! Infact, if you buy the blades and they put them in for you free, they are loosing money. It makes no sense at all!
Came here when I was three, so I don't read it as well as I should, but thanks for the practice.

You wouldn't think the dealer would be charging you for the wipers and also getting his 40 bucks from BMW? Or maybe the service rep figured out how to get himself a $40 tip.

This is the kind of thing that pisses me off. We're talking nickles and dimes here as it compares with the satisfaction of the customer. The idea that the dealer would try to screw you out of something that is part of the package when you bought the car is the type of thing that would cause me to give them a really crappy service review. I think the idea behind full maintenance is to make the inconvenience of service/maintainence a little more tolerable. The last thing you need is to be hounded by the service guy to pull out an extra couple of twenties. You should at least get a good table for that :)
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