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Wiring harness, how about replacing with custom printed circuit board

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Bought a '98 740iL and begun the process of a major tune up. As I begin to remove the wiring from the injectors, spark plug coils, and the other accessories. I begin to ponder, is this really necessary? All of these boxes, tubes, and miles of wire? I assume the tubes, box, and such are to protect and hide the wires, but really, this makes servicing this vehicle challenging. Most of these wires are control wires, low voltage and current so why not build a computer board which would connect to the the wires out of the fuse box and then cleanly transfer all of the connections to both sides of the engine. Imagine short wire leads to injectors, spark plugs, and things beyond. There are some great plug sets out there that provide moisture control. I can see it now, clean and simple to service.

What are your thoughts?
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My thoughts are BMW pays the top engineers in the world to design these cars. (Believe the cup holder design was contracted to Taiwan) Perhaps something like this is already in the concept stage. I would still prefer to work on an Olds 350 Rocket.
Yeah, that maybe true, but my credentials also in PhD in engineering and global work experience were business decisions can trump the engineering solution. The car I am working on is 14 years old, that means the technology is 14 years old. Only in the last 5 or 6 years did Porsche make a concerted effort at a step change wiring quality. I am still just curios if anyone has considered the option. :) Sad part is I tend not to repeat the problems, but change the perspective and implement change.
I am on a few active forum and have never seen this addressed. Be sure to take pictures for a DIY as you do it!
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