***8221;locked in 3***8221;

Apparently a rare battery malfunction caused a woman to be locked in her 2012 3 Series for nearly 2 hours.

The owner of the 3 Series entered her car while it was in a closed garage at home. She hit the start button and the vehicle didn't start. When she tried to exit the car, she found the doors had locked and the window's wouldn't open. A call to BMW roadside assist from her cell phone to get them to remotely unlock the vehicle, may have normally worked, but since she was in the closed garage, the unlock signal couldn't reach the vehicle. Roadside assist had her call 911, who after trying everything they could think of, ended up having to smash a window to get the owner out.

A service manager at her local BMW dealer said the car went into 'theft mode,' due to the battery malfunction, locking all the doors and windows shut. BMW NA didn't seem to have any comment for the local news, but they did promise to reimburse for all repair costs to the car.

Anyone have this kind of thing happen to them?

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