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Wont start - no injector pulse

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It runs fine on starter fluid but that may get expensive... :eek: No pulse on the fuel injectors. Crank sensor looks fine and the crash damage (see below) was no where near the sensor (LF hit). Service engine light now comes on after many attempts to start but no codes are present on the can/OBDII scanner. I have not reset the SRS box so it is calling out the passenger restraint failure but I know it runs with that set (Or it did once for me). No other faults on the info panel.

What will the ECU detect to allow it to crank and fire(Spark) but not turn on the injectors???

I bought this car after it was crashed. It ran when I picked it up (Jumped in the engine compartment) but after a few months working on fuel :( I replaced the positive cable, airbags, and MANY other components. :confused: It is still on the jack stands...don't tell me it can sense that!!!

I read a post about shifting the SMD into drive if it was shut off that way but it won't crank in drive or Rweverse, only N.

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Could the ECU be damaged? It doesn't make any sense there are no codes. Post what E code M6 you have an I will move this to the correct M6 forum for you.

s85 engine code

s85 engine code

01/2008 E63 M6 Coupe S85 USA Left hand drive N
Production Code: EH93
I have the same issue with my 95 M3 5spd so I am bumping this thread. Someone must know how to resolve this problem.
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