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Worked on the ole 02 this w/e

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After I got the turn signals and horn working, I made my own little aux fan by wiring up the old A/C fan to a switch inside the car. Now, if I exit the freeway and have to sit in traffic, Kermit stays cool. 2002's are notorius for under cooling, but hey, at least the radiator is metal. I am actually probably going to put a 320i radi in sometime, but the fan hookup was fun.

After that, I changed the oil and filter, and washed the car.

Some of you may not be aware that the bumpers on >'74's are really huge and stick out far. Well, I remembered an old article from 1988 Roundel about a guy who'd shortened his buy drilling out the fluid (presurized- BIG mess) and tapping a a screw into another drilled hole to keep it in place.

Here is the result hard to see from the side:

A little easier from front:

Especially effective from the taillights:

Yes, I know I need a trimpiece. :( Working on that.

Just bought some Webers sidedraft 40's, can't wait to put those in to replace the 32/36 downdraft!
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