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The only OEM tuner I can find is in used condition w/ no cables and on eBay for like $1000.

Whiles I am seeing many Brand New Sirius/XM Universal Tuners going for $50+ and claims to work on all OEM Head Units the same way an OEM Sirius Tuner would send song and station info to the Head Unit Display and recieve the steering wheel's and Head Unit control to scroll thru the channels.

Has anyone installed one of the Universal Tuners? I'm not expecting it to replace 100% the functionality of the discontinued OEM Tuner, but I at least want it to be decent enough to send display info to the head unit and be able to control the stations and volume from the head unit and steering wheel.

Or even if you know a good vendor that sells these units that will work with our newer BMW Business MP3/Sirius-XM/CD CD53 Head Units.


By the way, this is the one I've been looking at;

PS: I did a search already and just got really confused.
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