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Would taking a pulley from the 4.4 N62 ac compressor and installing on 4.8 N62TU ac compressor work? are the parts compatible?

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I have a 2008 E60 550i, the a/c suddenly stopped working, I take a look at the ac compressor and its missing the belt, I go to turn the pulley and it wont move at all, after doing some research I figured it could be the ac compressor pulley, I have a local junk yard near me with a 2007 545i N62 4.4L I am wondering if I take the Pulley off the 545i and replace mine if the parts would be compatible? its starting to get near a hundred in Texas and hoping to get it working soon. The Texas heat is brutal.
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There are several compressors used. Some even look very similar but have a different number of pins in the connector and are not interchangeable. You have to compare side by side. I’m not 100% but I believe the difference in the compressor is based on your IHKA style/version
I replaced the pulley and "clutch" with parts I found on ebay. I think they asked how many ribs were on the belt. Mine has no electric clutch but the gizmo is usually refered to as a clutch anyway.
look in realoem, it may give you a clue
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