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Would YOU buy this F02?

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New to the forum as a user, but have read almost all the threads concerning the F02 since 2009. I think I'm ready for a change from the E66 and about ready to pull the trigger. I came across this used 09 F02 and had the SA pull the service report (attached, as well as option list). The car is in another state and all I've seen is from the Internet postings on and such. I got a little gun shy after reading the service log, however. Are these things normal and since they've been addressed, do you think I'll not have a reoccurrence of the same issues? I know life is unpredictable, but I figured if these items are the "norm" with the forum users, it can't all be bad, can it?


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Looks ok, whats the price and the mileage??
upper 60's no, you can get a sick deal on a 2011 or 2012 for mid 70's. That car being an 09 is 55-58 max or let them keep it.
you will be... go back 2 days before christmas and offer 10k less. I would be surprised if they didnt take it. You should not be paying more than 57k for that car.
try shopping around on an almost new one, Id be surprised if it wasnt off by only a few k's.
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