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Would you do this to your X5

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I was :cry: when I saw this today in Vancouver. His exhaust was purcolating like a coffee maker. I know you can rinse off the salt water but it is just wrong. It was high tide as well.

I have a 6 foot hitch in front of my boat, I do not like to touch water.


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Interesting post as I was just thinking about boat launching in my X-5 over the weekend. I agree, I would be very cautious even in fresh water. I know that water can do bad things for the bearings of boat trailers so I imagine it wouldn't be all that healthy for the car, either. I like your hitch, food for thought. I totally agree with your cautious approach!
You can easily install an extended hitch . Any water especially salt is bad for any metal. I usually spend quite a bit of time rinsing my boat (mahogany, lots of chrome), galvanized trailer, flush brake drums, flush engine...every time I take the boat out. I have bearing buddies as well. I still see corrosion on the trailer. Oh I almost forgot...wash the car.:p. I kinda enjoy this process. At least my wife knows where I am, taking care of my other girl.
Do you think you're car underside gets less wet when you drive in heavy rain, or from snow&salt mix during winter?
Not tinting his front windows to match the backs are also a sin.
The fording depth is almost 20 inches. How can this be a problem.
Nothing horriblein the picture...
If I'm paying 60k for a vehicle, it better drive in water. Just kidding, no, I wouldn't do it to my vehicle.
Why not? It's a lease.
Look what they (autoblog) did to x5 in Miami, and it survived.
One of the reason's I don't buy used.
Why not? It's a lease.
Haha, so true.

That being said, love the wheels :thumbup:
Why not? It's a lease.
She is no land cruiser, but I am sure she can handle a lot of water crossing. The issue with her is very little undercarriage protection. But, that can be fixed. I would love to put a snorkel on my d, lift her 2 to 3 inches with some toyo mts. :)
I wouldn't do it in salt, but fresh water, I have no issues with it.
The owner is living life to the fullest lol. Not good for the car, and being a BMW probably shorten the lifespan on the tech underneath the vehicle, but something tells me, that guy has got enough in his wallets to cover the cost of any damage that may or may not occur.

BTW did he leave his X there and goo sailing or was that a temp thing?
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