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WOW, great perf center delivery w/ pics

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Just got back from my perf center delivery. Had an amazing time. Highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the time to do ED.

The car is everything that I had hoped for, except for a CD player in the trunk that likes to skip a lot. :(

Hope these pics come thru, I've never tried this before.

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Did you take delivery on Friday? I was there too getting my car...I don't have the pix back yet...
Sweet! Congrats! :thumb:
Re: Ok, try these pics.

jblecher said:
I guess I can't insert the pictures into the newsgroup because of security issues.

Just click the links to see the pictures.
Can't see any of them
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me neither....

me neither....
Just worked for me (following the links in the 2nd post). Looks great! You'll have to give us a write-up of your experience there!

any estimate on how long pf center delivery delays getting your car??

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Doesn't work on Netscape V4.0, but it does work on IE (2nd post, selecting the links)
I'll give a write up of my trip down on 3/21-3/22...look for a new thread soon...:thumb:
Sorry, I'm slow on the response. I got back from my week of vacation to fall into way too much work. Didn't get home till 1am last night. Ugh.


The process went really smoothly. Just tell your salesman that you want to take performance center delivery when you order your car. Everything from there on will be taken care of, all you have to do is buy a plane ticket to Spartanburg. I think I probably ended up waiting an extra week or two b/c I did perf center delivery, but it was definitely worth it!!

I flew down there on a Sunday afternoon with my girlfriend. The Marriott hotel picked us up from the airport and a BMW 530iT and drove us back to the hotel. We didn't even need to check in, everything was already taken care of for us. Our driver handed escorted us to our room and handed us the room key and just asked what time we wanted dinner. The room, dinner and breakfast the next morning are all paid for by BMW.

We woke up around 7am on Monday morning and had our breakfast, and then were shuttled over to the performance center. There were 6 deliveries that day, so the process was a bit different for everyone. But the way it worked for us:

First we went out on the track in a car identical to the one i ordered, except for the transmission. The car they gave us was an automatic (which was actually good since my girlfriend can't drive stick and she wanted a turn on the wheel). We did a slalom course, a wet track ABS course, and then a wet track skidpad. The XI holds the road incredibly. We were doing about 60 mpg around the wet 300ft skidpad and the thing just stuck luck glue, i was amazed. To give me a feel for controlling a skid, the instructor yanked up on the hand brake while doing 60mph and then we went into a spin. Within a split second, followed by steering correction, the car was back in line again. The DSC is incredible!!! Then we tried the same thing with DSC off and I couldn't do anything. Just ended up doing a couple of spins and stopped facing the wrong way. What a blast!

Next, they threw me keys to an M Coupe (Stick Shift) to drive over to the museum. That was fun.

After lunch I took delivery of my car. The specialist went over every nook and cranny and fully explained the Nav system. After two hours, it was time to drive out and off to Asheville to begin our drive up the blue ridge parkway and back up north.

What an amazing adventure.

If you have any specific questions about the process, feel free to email me at [email protected].

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